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Virtual, Belgium
1st Financing Innovative Clean Tech Conference | 25 September 2020 | Virtual

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The possibility to book meetings will open on Monday 21 Sep. 2020 at 10:00 CEST. 
You will be notified by an e-mail alert once booking has opened.


  • Browse the list of attendees or check the marketplace profiles.
  • Use the optional filters to easily find the ones aligned with your goals.
  • Send meeting requests to those companies/persons you want to meet.
  • Adding a short reason why you are interested in a meeting will increase the acceptance.
  • Meeting requests must be confirmed by the recipients to be scheduled.
  • Date and time of a meeting is scheduled by the person accepting the meeting request considering the mutual availability.
  • Check every incoming meeting request and accept or refuse if not appropriate.


Participants available for meeting requests are indicated by a green button “Available”, otherwise:

  • They haven't signed up for the 1:1 virtual matchmaking option; or
  • You haven't signed up yourself for the 1:1 virtual matchmaking option:
    please go to "Meetings" in the main menu -> click on AVAILABILITY and sign up for it by ticking the related box.

General Remarks

  • You can view date/time of your meetings via the Menu “Meetings” at any time.
  • Check all your pending meeting requests and consider accepting or decline.
  • Download the "b2match" Mobile App (iOS/Android) to
    * get access to your meeting schedule on your mobile phone
    * be informed about last-minute changes (bookings, cancellations)
    * manage additional meetings during the event (send/receive/confirm requests).
  • Check again the latest version of your meeting schedule
    through the platform. Due to last minute changes it might have changed slightly.
  • RESPECT the other participants' time and show up to all your meetings.
  • If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you will not attend a meeting, please cancel your meetings through the platform. This way, the other participant will be notified.


Closed since 25 September 2020


Virtual, Belgium

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